Foundation Solutions


Ramming / Screwing / Re-baring for solar posts on contract

Ramming and screwing as a technology is widely used across the globe for solar foundation installation purpose, and now is being adopted in India as well.

Under the ramming technology, a galvanized iron post (ISMB section/sigma profile/omega profile/ ISMC section) is hammered/rammed into the strata till a certain depth depending on soil condition and structure load in order to gain the required pull out load.

Under the screwing technology a metal screw ranging anywhere between 4 ft to 7 ft is screwed into the soil. On completion, the screw head acts as the base for Super Structure.

Our fleet of German ramming machines enable a greater control over accuracy and also, we have the capacity to install close to 6000 posts per day, which makes us the biggest ramming contractor in Asia with the most advanced fleet. We have catered to Over 1 GW in India and over 1.5 GW globally. 

In India we have catered to more MWs than all other ramming contractors, and have an extremely satisfied client base, with large no. of repeat orders.

With presence in Europe, MENA and South Asia, we are one of the largest foundation installer globally.


Salient Features:

  • From design to¬†markings on field, to supply of ramming post and then ramming by machine all under one roof: We have experienced design team which ensures optimum post design and depth based on the soil report, array orientation, module load and wind speed data. We also facilitate markings on the field.
  • Most advanced machinery imported from Germany which have auto leveling and auto alignment features.
  • A solar focused company with in depth knowledge of problems as well as solutions that may be faced during ramming.
  • Timely Execution.
  • Periodic MIS is mailed to the client by project scheduling team.
  • In house pull out testing facility