Concept to commissioning – All under one roof
Opportunity identification and feasibility advice
Key in hand construction (EPC)
MAnaging Local clearances for EPC clients

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Ramming / Screwing for solar posts on contract
Ramming and screwing as a technology is widely used across the globe for solar foundation installation purpose, and now is being adopted in India as well.

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Common Solar Park with Private PPA,
Is a common facility developed over 200 Acres, clubbing multiple plants with common evacuation
Private PPA by credible industrial and commercial consumers.

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SunTap TIF energy is a leading solar construction and development company. The company was founded in 2004. The founders of the company hailed from Germany, and have been constructing solar PV installations since 1989. With modest beginnings in initial years, today the company has global operations and has constructed plants across the world. Till date the company has installed over 160 installations across 12 countries. The total solar photovoltaic power base of the company is over 1 GW and is growing rapidly. It includes Key in hand construction contracts, development, engineering as well as part contracts.

We provide a comprehensive turnkey service for M.W Scale and KW Scale installations from site assessment and feasibility, policy and financial advice through planning and certification to procurement, installation and maintenance.

Foundations Division: Ramming/ screwing/ helical:

SunTap is one of the global leaders in ramming installation services.